Ms. Venus Leonard


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High School: LaGrange High School in LaGrange, GA

B.A. in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Medicine from LaGrange College

B.A. in Human Development with a Minor in Sociology from LaGrange College

Master of Arts in Teaching from LaGrange College

Ed.S. in Middle School Math from Nova Southeastern University

Likes: Chocolate ice cream, shopping, and watching football

Dislikes: Waking up early, snakes, and chaos

Ms. Crystal Gammon

English Language Arts

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High School: Villa Rica High School in Villa Rica, GA

B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the University of West Georgia

Masters in Early Childhood Education with focus on Middle Grades Language Arts from the University of West Georgia

Likes: Mocha frappés from McDonald’s, tubing & rafting in the mountains, reading

Dislikes: Getting behind dump trucks, snakes, household chores

Ms. Kathy Grier



High School: Hogansville High School in Hogansville, GA

B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Fort Valley State University

Likes: Reading, traveling, science

Dislikes: Avocados, snakes, bugs

Mr. Chip Seagle

Social Studies

Chip ID pic

High School: Jordan Vocational High School in Columbus, GA

Degree from Troy State University

Degree from University of North Alabama

Degree from Jacksonville State University

Likes: Football, running, cooking

Dislikes: There is nothing I dislike, but there are places I choose not to go and people I choose not to be around.

Info for Ms. Leonard’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Math – e5zxci4
3rd Block Math – joqzzke
4th Block Math – rv5kha5
Info for Ms. Gammon’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Block ELA –  ni3betz
3rd Block ELA – a65jnew
4th Block ELA – ljauaan
Info for Ms. Grier’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Science – 5kzunhd
2nd Block Science – c6n3rin
4th Block Science – fmnj57f
Info for Mr. Seagle’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block SS – xytlxao
2nd Block SS – dowxrhw
4th Block SS – q2i3sqg