Mr. Stephen McKoy


Mckoy Pic

High School: East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg, GA

A.A. in Visual Communications from Chattahoochee Technical College

B.S. in Middle School Education from the University of West Georgia

Likes: Hamburgers, turtles, video games

Dislikes: Spiders, slow drivers, jackfruit

Ms. Leslie Chadwick

English Language Arts

Chadwick Pic

High School: Columbus High School in Columbus, GA

B.A. in Secondary English Education from Columbus State University

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from LaGrange College

Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction (with Tier I Leadership Certification) from LaGrange College

Likes: Crafts, going to concerts, traveling with my family

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, math, waking up early

Ms. Kathy Grier



High School: Hogansville High School in Hogansville, GA

B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Fort Valley State University

Likes: Reading, traveling, science

Dislikes: Avocados, snakes, bugs

Mr. Chip Seagle

Social Studies

Chip ID pic

High School: Jordan Vocational High School in Columbus, GA

B.A. in History from Troy State University

Took upper-level courses in Social Science Education at the University of North Alabama and Jacksonville State University

Likes: Football, running, cooking

Dislikes: There is nothing I dislike, but there are places I choose not to go and people I choose not to be around.

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McKoy’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes for
8th Grade Math:
1st Block Math – v6hwhpr
3rd Block Math – p7oylr5
4th Block Math – 43bxgyg
Google Classroom Code
for Dungeons & Dragons Club:
Info for Ms. 
Chadwick’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes for
8th Grade ELA:
2nd Block ELA – dpf45sd
3rd Block ELA – cwk7pf3
4th Block ELA – 4sel5mh
Info for Ms. 
Grier’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes for
8th Grade Physical Science:
1st Block Science – 4vqvmrl
2nd Block Science – d55addo
4th Block Science – ihp3aii
Info for Mr. 
Seagle’s Classes
Google Classroom Codes for
8th Grade Georgia Studies
1st Block GA Studies – v4n26fa
2nd Block GA Studies – rghvb3m
4th Block GA Studies – v7vb4tu