6th Grade

Decimal Practice in 6th Grade Math

Students in Dr. Jones’ 6th Grade Math Class visited the “Safari Restaurant” in her class where they were tasked with ordering for their entire family with $100 to spend. Since all of the prices on the menu contained decimals, students …

6th Grade Social Studies Students Make Graffiti Posters

Students in Mr. Bailey’s 6th Grade Social Studies class have been studying agents of change that affect our society in different ways, including politically, socially, and culturally. Students then made graffiti posters highlighting an agent of change of their choice …

Studying the Milky Way

Students in Coach Daniel’s 6th Grade Science Class ventured out of the classroom and into the commons to create a life-size model of the Milky Way galaxy!

Weight Training in Gym Class

6th graders participating in weight training in gym class with Coach Alexander.

Flexible Grouping

Our 6th grade teachers are great at creating flexible groups for students to work and collaborate in! Ms. Wortham working with small groups in her 6th grade ELA class.   Ms. Green helping a group of her 6th grade math …

Learning About Ratios

Students in Ms. Green’s 6th grade math class learned about scale and ratios with an activity that required them to measure different parts of their bodies. Great hands-on task Ms. Green!!!

7th Grade

7th Grade ELA & Math Work

7th grade students in Ms. Gammon’s ELA class created illustrated narratives as one of their writing assignments. In Ms. Wood’s math class, students created “graffiti walls” on which they had to include everything they could remember about integers as part …

Students Create Their Own Superheroes

Students in Ms. Godfrey’s 7th and 8th Grade Marketing Classes are working on a project that requires them to create their own superheroes based on the following prompt: “You have been hired by Patriots of the Universe, a comic book …

7th Grade Science Students Dissect Owl Pellets

As part of their study of predator-prey relationships, 7th grade students in Ms. Grier’s science class dissected owl pellets to see what the owls had eaten. *Students learned that barn owls are unable to digest the fur and bone of …

Probability Stations in 7th Grade Math

Greenville Middle School’s 7th grade math teacher, Ms. Leonard, is AMAZING at creating fun, engaging lessons that challenge our students and keep them learning everything they need to know for the Georgia Milestone tests! Last week her students were learning …

7th Graders Studying Population Statistics

Students in Ms. Leonard’s 7th grade math class using statistics to gain information about a population by examining a sample of the population using candy.

7th Grade Student Creates Own Video Game!

Ahmad Ferrell, a 7th grade student at GMS, developed, published and released his very own adventure style video game called “Capture The Flag.” The game has three worlds and ten levels in each world. He is currently working on a …

Virtual Field Trip to College!

Ms. Godfrey, our Business and Computer Science teacher, used Skype to organize a virtual field trip to Armstrong State University for her 7th grade students. Her students were able to “tour” the campus, classrooms, and even the dining hall!

College Research Project

7th grade students in Ms. Godfrey’s Business & Computer Science class complete a project every year that requires them to research colleges they are interested in attending after they graduate high school.

Cell Project

Students in Dr. Jones’s 7th grade science class completed a project that required them to create and label a 3-D model of either a plant or animal cell. Most of them created cells out of food. Who knew biology could …

Mock Job Fair

Coach Daniel held a mock job fair with his 7th grade Career Development class. Before the job fair, students were required to research a career that they are interested in and create a brochure highlighting that career. The brochures contained …

8th Grade

Literature Circles in 8th Grade ELA Classes

It’s nice to take a break from the computer screen sometimes and pick up a nice, old-fashioned book! Check out these pictures of students in Ms. Chadwick’s and Coach McCray’s 8th Grade ELA classes participating in literature circles! Each group …

8th Grade Science Students Participate in Electricity Lab

Students in Mr. Rippy’s 8th grade physical science class learned about the role friction can play regarding electrically-charged objects in this “Introduction to Electricity” lab.

Students Create Their Own Superheroes

Students in Ms. Godfrey’s 7th and 8th Grade Marketing Classes are working on a project that requires them to create their own superheroes based on the following prompt: “You have been hired by Patriots of the Universe, a comic book …

Learning About Circuits in 8th Grade Science

Ms. Grier’s 8th Grade Physical Science students are learning about series and parallel circuits. Students participated in a lab that required them to use their knowledge about circuits to make light bulbs light up. Keep up the great work students!

Heat Conduction Lab in Physical Science

Ms. Grier’s 8th grade physical science class conducted an experiment in order to analyze heat conduction from hot water to a variety of objects made out of different types of materials. Students had to record their results in Google Classroom.

Oil Spill Lab

It may be the last week of school, but students in Ms. Grier’s science class are still working hard! Here are a few pictures from when her students conducted a lab replicating an oil spill. Great job students — keep …

Water Analysis in Science Class

Testing season may be over, but our teachers at Greenville Middle School are still committed to implementing engaging, hands-on activities in their classrooms! Last week, for example, Ms. Grier facilitated a lab in her 8th grade science class in which …

Dress for Success

Ms. Godfrey’s 8th grade students participated in mock job interviews and these young ladies and gentlemen dressed for success!  

Science Students Studying Light and Sound

The students in Ms. Grier’s 8th grade physical science class have been studying the behaviors of light and sound. To better understand the transmission of light and sound, students used spectrometers to determine how much visible light was being transmitted …

Group Work in Social Studies

Students working in collaborative groups in Ms. Grier’s 8th Grade Social Studies class. As part of their lesson on “The Road to the Revolutionary War,” students were grouped as either Patriots or Loyalists and had to brainstorm adjectives that described …

Marketing Project

Every year, Ms. Godfrey’s 8th grade Business and Computer Science students complete a marketing project that requires them to create a new product. Students are responsible for outlining the best way to market their new products based on the 5 …

Working with Angles

Ms. White found a creative way to teach angles in her 8th grade math class using painter’s tape!

Learning About Compounds

Students using technology and Nearpod to learn about compounds in Ms. Grier’s 8th grade science class!