REACH Scholarship Signing Ceremony

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Greenville Middle School hosted its annual REACH Scholarship Signing Day. Every year, Meriwether County awards five REACH Scholarships to 8th graders in the district. This year, two of those five scholarships were awarded to Rihanna Abbott and Allyria Hall from Greenville Middle School. These students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average or above, maintain good attendance and behavior, meet with their mentor once a month, and participate in REACH activities. If they meet these requirements, they will receive a $10,000 scholarship toward a 2 or 4 year Georgia College/University that accepts the Hope Scholarship upon graduating from high school. On December 2nd, these students officially signed their REACH Scholarship contracts, pledging to adhere to these requirements, and received their LARGE checks for $10,000! What an amazing opportunity for these students! Congratulations ladies!