Congratulations to the GMS & MCSS Spelling Bee Winners!

Congratulations to the following GMS students who placed in the top 5 of their grade-level spelling bees and went on to compete in the schoolwide Greenville Middle School Spelling Bee:

6th Grade 

1st Place: Patricia Ferrell

2nd Place: Trent Scott

3rd Place: Taylor Ford

4th Place: Maron Prestridge

5th Place: Jonothan Hancock

7th Grade

1st Place: Takira Willis

2nd Place: Solomon McCoy

3rd Place: Imahni Hairston

4th Place: Bobby Greene

5th Place: Ashley Kelley

8th Grade

1st Place: Jaxon Royster

2nd Place: Jaylin Alford

3rd Place: Jesse Avalos

4th Place: Jekyra Bell

5th Place: MarKayla Ponder

These 15 students competed in the schoolwide Spelling Bee at GMS back in December. All of our participating students did a great job, and we are so very proud of them. The top 3 spellers for Greenville Middle School, who went on to compete at the district level in the Meriwether County Systemwide Spelling Bee, were:

1st Place: Ashley Kelley (7th Grade)

2nd Place: Trent Scott (6th Grade)

3rd Place: Imahni Hairston (7th Grade)

All three of these students did an exceptional job at the district-level MCSS Spelling Bee. But special congratulations are in order for 7th-grade student Ms. Imahni Hairston who placed second overall in the MCSS District Spelling Bee!!! This means she placed second out of all of the elementary and middle school students from all schools in the district who participated in the Spelling Bee. Congratulations to Imahni and to all of our students who represented GMS so well!!!