Mr. Stephen McKoy


Mckoy Pic

High School: East Coweta High School
in Sharpsburg, GA

A.A. in Visual Communications from
Chattahoochee Technical College

B.S. in Middle School Education
from the University of West Georgia

Likes: Hamburgers, turtles, video games

Dislikes: Spiders, slow drivers, jackfruit

Ms. Leslie Chadwick

English Language Arts

Chadwick Pic

High School: Columbus High School
in Columbus, GA

B.A. in Secondary English Education
from Columbus State University

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
from LaGrange College

Likes: Crafts, going to concerts, traveling with my family

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, math, waking up early

Info for Mr. McKoy’s Classes

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1st Block Math – 
3rd Block Math – 
4th Block Math – 
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for Dungeons & Dragons Club:

Info for Ms. Chadwick’s Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Block ELA – 
3rd Block ELA – 
4th Block ELA –