Dr. Shemika Jones




High School: Mary Persons High School
in Forsyth, GA

B.A. in Middle Grades Education
from LaGrange College

Masters in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from LaGrange College

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction from Capella University

Likes: Spending time with family, traveling, cooking

Ms. Rivka Guzman

English Language Arts

Guzman Pic


High School: Dacula High School in Dacula, GA

B.A. in Middle Grades Education
from the University of Georgia

Likes: Traveling, reading, craft projects, cooking, running

Dislikes: Negative attitudes, lack of manners, uncooperative behavior

Mr. Ryan Daniel

Science & Social Studies



High School: Manchester High School in Manchester, GA

B.A. in History from Columbus State University

Masters in Teaching from LaGrange College

Likes: Baseball

Dislikes: Slow Internet

Info for Dr. Jones’s Class

Remind 101 Code:
6th Grade Math: @266bak

*Text the code to the number 81010

Info for Ms. Guzman’s Class

Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Block: une34c
3rd Block: 88m8s6g
4th Block: a4myqs

Parents/guardians can also search for Ms. Guzman’s class at GMS on the ClassDojo website (www.classdojo.com). Students received a ClassDojo parent letter containing a unique code for each parent.

Info for Mr. Daniel’s Class

Class Website:

Google Classroom Codes:
6th Grade Science: dkoj12
6th Grade Social Studies: rj4xkdp

Remind 101 Codes:
6th Grade: @gms6ss
Baseball Team: @ghspatriot 

*Text each code to the number 81010