GMS Teacher Recognitions

At the GMS school-wide meeting in September, several teachers were recognized for going above and beyond at Greenville Middle School. We are so thankful to have so many amazing educators on our team who are willing to go the extra mile for our students! Thank you so much to these incredible teachers and staff members!

Thank you to Ms. Grier for creating interactive and engaging activities at our after-school program!
Thank you to Mr. Rippy and Mr. Fordham who gave up their planning periods to teach some of our male students how to tie a tie in Ms. Godfrey’s Business & Marketing Class
Thank to Mr. Olson for working with our students with robots and drones at the after-school program!
Thank you to Mrs. Wortham for teaching our students how to crochet at our after-school program!
Thank you to Mr. Murphy for doing such a great job with the GMHS band and playing at our Homecoming pep rally!
Thank you to Coach Harrison for forming such positive relationships with our students and motivating them to succeed!
Thank you to Mr. McCray for jumping right into his classes after joining us later in the school year. We are so happy to have you as the newest member of the GMS family!
Thank you to to Dr. Jones for all of your help with the Sunshine Committee, PBIS, and concessions for all of the football games!
Thank you to Ms. Godfrey for making beautiful uniform shirts for the cheerleading squad at the last minute!