Middle School Grading & Work Policy During COVID-19

Grading & Work Policy for MCSS Middle Schools During COVID-19

No student will be penalized for work they could not complete during the 4th nine weeks marking period since the COVID-19 break. Teachers will make contact with each parent and student to inform them of the option to accept their current 3rd nine weeks grade and overall final average for the year in each class. Students and parents will be given the option to accept the grade as is or improve it with additional work and enrichment activities. 

The last drop off date for hard copy packet work was Monday, May 4th. From now until the end of the school year, any work that needs to be turned in must be turned in digitally or via mail to the teachers. Students can also take pictures of their packet work and text or email them to their teachers. Additionally, all continued learning from this point forward will take place digitally. Students will only need a cell phone, but are welcome to use other devices such as computers, laptops, or tablets.

Any students who are failing one or more classes that do not have either a cell phone or laptop with Internet, and need additional work in order for the student to improve his/her grade to passing, will have the opportunity to receive a final packet by mail.

Teachers will continue to call each week to check on students and their families. Any student or parent that needs additional support is encouraged to reach out directly to the Principal (Mr. Perry) via email (michael.perry@mcssga.org) or can let the teachers know when they call that they need to speak with him to make special arrangements.