Meriwether County School System Remote Learning Plan

Meriwether County has many challenges when it comes to remote learning. The biggest is Internet connectivity. A very small footprint of the county has broadband or even cellular service. If remote learning is chosen, therefore, we will ask that you set up a meeting with your school to determine the best plan for you. There is no one set plan because there are so many different situations.  We are asking you to make a decision by August 4, 2020. There is a commitment form to sign, and then you will meet with your school to determine the best program for your student. We will customize a program for your child. While it would be great for everyone to use Google Classroom and interactive remote learning, that is not possible with everyone due to the restrictions of Internet connectivity in Meriwether County. We have scholarships available for devices and/or Internet connectivity (where available).  But regardless, we will find a plan that works for your child. A few key points regarding remote learning are:

  • We prefer that students are on task from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Grades K through 8 will agree to a 9-week commitment.
  • Grades 9 -12 will agree to a semester-long commitment.
  • We will encourage parents to be more involved. Parents are expected to be an integral part of learning.
  • With a remote learning commitment form, we will look at individual needs and customize to meet those needs.
  • Please contact us regardless if it is after the cut off date or not.

Click here to read the remote learning commitment form

Click here to sign your child(ren) up for remote learning