Teacher Appreciation Week Celebration!

Pictures from last week’s Teacher Appreciation celebration! Mr. Owens collaborated with parents, alumni, and community members to gather all kinds of prizes and gift cards that we were able to raffle off to our amazing teachers and paras! We even got enough donations to purchase a 50-inch flat-screen TV and an air fryer to raffle off as our MEGA prizes!!!

Mr. Owens added in all of our teachers’ names into a prize wheel, and the GMHS version of Vanna White (aka Ms. Shannon Burks) spun the wheel over and over until we were all out of amazing prizes! Check out the pictures to see what everyone won! (Each teacher won AT LEAST 1-2 prizes)!!!

For our MEGA prizes, the wheel was spun to select one middle school teacher (Ms. A.) and one high school teacher (Ms. Welch) who then battled it out on our basketball arcade game for the prizes! Our first-place winner, Ms. Welch, took home the TV, and our second-place winner, Ms. A. took home the air fryer!

We just couldn’t let the fun stop there…so Mr. Owens and Mrs. Heaton offered to put up some of their own money to see some more teachers battle it out! The wheel selected Ms. Ferguson and Coach McCray to battle it out next!!! Coach McCray came out on top, winning $100 from Mr. Owens, and Ms. Ferguson came in second place, winning $50 from Mrs. Heaton!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our teachers and paras who work SO hard for our kids and our school each and every day. We wish we could shower you with our appreciation and love 24/7! And thank you SO, SO much to everyone who contributed money, prizes, donations, food, and so on to make this Teacher Appreciation Week the BEST we’ve ever had at GMHS!!!!