PBIS / CCRPI Celebration

Before the break, GMS students had a joint PBIS/CCRPI celebration as a reward for their positive behavior during the first half of the school year, as well as the growth in their student achievement that led to an increase in Greenville Middle School’s overall CCRPI score. CCRPI stands for the College & Career Ready Performance Index and it is a tool used to measure the effectiveness of all public schools in the state of Georgia.

During the celebration, students could hang out with their friends on the hallway, while they listened and danced to music and ate treats. They also had the choice of participating in one of our special “activity” rooms. We had a game room set up with different Wii games, a computer game room, a salon room where our young ladies could beautify themselves, and two movie rooms where students could watch either “The Grinch” or “The Polar Express” while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. The students had a blast and can’t wait to start earning more PBIS points so they can attend the next celebration!

Mr. Fordham was our hallway DJ!

Hallway concessions courtesy of Dr. Jones!
Computer game extravaganza in Ms. Godfrey’s room!
Coach Daniel ran the video game room
The “boys” side of the video game room
The “girls” side of the video game room

Time to get “beautified” in the salon room!