Students in the B.A.M. (Bringing Arts to Meriwether) Program Learn About Photography

Damonee Walker, a local professional photographer came and spoke about photography to GMHS members of the B.A.M. (Bringing Arts to Meriwether) Program. He introduced students to basic lighting concepts and other photography tips. Students then took turns being the photographer or model. Photographers had to give specific directions to the models. Lesson concepts included light, shadows, texture, and emotion.

Thank you Mrs. Noelle Friend-Schilke, Art Teacher at Mountain View Elementary School, for working with our GMHS students and exposing them to so many different things involving art, photography, and so much more!

State representatives will visit Greenville Middle High School on May 17th from 3:00pm-5:30pm to see all the different things our students have been involved with in the art program.